The role of design brief in urban design competitions

Kabal, Emre
Design brief is the descriptive and connective medium of design competitions. The main aim (design problem) of the design competition is explained by means of design brief which is setting up all needs and requirements or design program (specification) which is explaining the requirement list. The definition of design problem should be formulated to make clear statements in order to avoid misapprehensions by forming creative environment to enable creation of new ideas. The communication processes are composed between the participants of the competition, which are the client, competitors, jury and the public, by means of the formulation of design problem by the design brief. This thesis aims to understand the role of design brief as different from design program (specification) in the process and result of the urban design competitions by studying the nature and effects of design brief as the main communication tool in the design and evaluation processes in design competitions. Three urban design competitions are chosen as the main study areas of the thesis because of their different processes and results.
Citation Formats
E. Kabal, “The role of design brief in urban design competitions,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2008.