Design of fixturing system for forging dies

Cavbozar, Özgür
In forging industry, the die setup starts with unloading the previous die set and ends with approval of the first part produced. During conventional die setup, forging press is kept idle. The aim of this study is to perform die changing applications of the 1000 ton forging press of Aksan Steel Forging Company in more systematic way to reduce the idle time. The applicability of Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED) System and quick die locating methods have been studied. SMED classifies the setup operations as internal and external setup operations. During the internal setup operations the press is kept idle. Therefore it has been tried to reduce the internal setup time. In this study, a new modular die system has been developed. The die system to be used for the forging press with 1000 ton capacity in Aksan Steel Forging Company has been redesigned regarding the dimensional limitations, requirements, SMED System and quick die locating methods. The modules of proposed die system and the dies for a particular forging part have been produced. Tests, observations and time studies have been carried out. The time spent for alignment of the upper and lower dies on the press have been eliminated in the proposed system. The solutions have been proposed for the frequently encountered problems of setup operations of the company and these have been applied in the system. In order to eliminate operator mistakes, marking applications have also been introduced and the application of die cavity revision has been renewed. During the time studies for the case study, it has been seen that the internal setup time of the forging press with 1000 ton capacity has been reduced from 220 minutes to 141 minutes which corresponds to a reduction of 36 %.
Citation Formats
Ö. Cavbozar, “Design of fixturing system for forging dies,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.