Calculation of phase diagrams and the thermodynamic quantities from the mean field models close to phase transitions in molecular and liquid crystals

Şen, Sema
This study gives our calculations for the temperature-pressure and temperature-concentration phase diagrams using the mean field models applied to ammonium halides (NH4Cl, ND4Cl), ammonium sulfate ((NH4)2SO4/H2O), lithium potassium rubidium sulfate (LiK1-xRbxSO4), potassium pyrosulfate-potassium hydrogensulfate (K2S2O7-KHSO4), cholestanyl myristate-cholesteryl myristate (CnM-CrM), cholestanyl myristate-cholesteryl oleate (CnM-CO), benzene (C6H6) and ice. The phase line equations are derived from the free energies expanded in terms of the order parameters and they are fitted to the experimental data. Some thermodynamic quantities are calculated close to phase transitions in these crystalline systems. We also calculate the specific heat CV using the Raman frequency shifts for NH4Br on the basis of an Ising model close to the lambda-phase transition. A linear relationship is obtained between the specific heat CP and the frequency shifts (1/v)(dv/dT)P near the lambda-point in NH4Br.