Factors affecting faculty intention to use course management systems in a private university

Kültür, Can
This study aimed to investigate the factors affecting faculty intention to use course management systems (CMS). The study was conducted in a private university with a mixed-method approach. First, 260 responses to a questionnaire was analysed by using structural equation modeling technique in order to examine the provided model. Second, interviews with selected 14 faculty members were conducted to understand the interrelationships. The findings indicated that, faculty intention to use CMS is mostly related with seeing value in using CMS including both personal and task/course related issues. In addition, the use of CMS should be perceived as easy which is directly influenced by the computer self-efficacy of the instructors. Discrimination of perceived personal benefits and task/course related usefulness is found to be important. Course/task related perceived usefulness is found to be weak without perceiving them personally beneficial. Availability of training and support is found to be weakly related to initial intention, however it appeared as an important variable for continuing to use CMS. ‘Communicating the vision through leadership’, ‘promoting CMS’, and ‘sharing experiences and real life examples’ emerged as powerful approaches to facilitate use of CMS. Institutional policies regarding issues like ‘academic freedom’ should be considered carefully while supporting the use of CMS. Moreover, to support institutional change it is important to be aware of the existence of different faculty profiles, which should be considered separately in relevant decisions.


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C. Kültür, “Factors affecting faculty intention to use course management systems in a private university,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2009.