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Factors influencing faculty of education graduate students’ online help seeking behaviors for their theses

Uzun, Yıldız
The aim of this study is to investigate the factors that influence Faculty of Education graduate students’ online-help seeking behaviors for their theses. For this aim, correlational research design was employed. The participants are 182 graduate students from the Faculty of Education in Middle East Technical University which is a public research university in Turkey. An online questionnaire was administered, and data were collected from graduate students. To determine significant factors for predicting online help seeking behavior, multiple linear regression analysis was administered with the independent variables including demographic and academic characteristics (age, gender, education level, and total years in the program), face to face help seeking behavior, information resources, connectedness, and perceived research skills. According to the results of multiple regression analysis, age, total years spent in the current program, face to face help-seeking behavior, and three of the perceived research skills (research governance and organization, personal effectiveness, and knowledge and intellectual abilities) were found as significant factors influencing graduate students’ online help seeking behaviors for their theses. The findings of this study can guide graduate students, thesis supervisors, faculty members, and graduate education institutions. The study can also contribute to the literature of online help seeking behaviors of graduate students. Future studies can be conducted with an intervention to support graduate students to improve their help seeking methods.