Traffic sign recognition

Aydın, Ufuk Suat
Designing smarter vehicles, aiming to minimize the number of driverbased wrong decisions or accidents, which can be faced with during the drive, is one of hot topics of today’s automotive technology. In the design of smarter vehicles, several research issues can be addressed; one of which is Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR). In TSR systems, the aim is to remind or warn drivers about the restrictions, dangers or other information imparted by traffic signs, beforehand. Since the existing signs are designed to draw drivers’ attention by their colors and shapes, processing of these features is one of the crucial parts in these systems. In this thesis, a Traffic Sign Recognition System, having ability of detection and identification of traffic signs even with bad visual artifacts those originate from some weather conditions or other circumstances, is developed. The developed algorithm in this thesis, segments the required color influenced by the illumination of the environment, then reconstructs the shape of partially occluded traffic sign by its remaining segments and finally, identifies it. These three stages are called as “Segmentation”, “Reconstruction” and “Identification” respectively, within this thesis. Due to the difficulty of analyzing partial segments to construct the main frame (a whole sign), the main complexity of the algorithm takes place in the “Reconstruction” stage.
Citation Formats
U. S. Aydın, “Traffic sign recognition,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.