Experimental investigation on sharp crested rectangular weirs

Şişman, H. Çiğdem
Sharp crested rectangular weirs used for discharge measurement purposes in open channel hydraulics are investigated experimentally. A series of experiments were conducted by measuring discharge and head over the weir for different weir heights for full width weir. It is seen that after a certain weir height, head and discharge relation does not change. Hence a constant weir height is determined. For that height; discharge and head over the weir are measured for variable weir width, starting from the full width weir to slit weir. Description of the discharge coefficient valid for the full range of weir widths and an empirical expression involving dimensionless flow variables is aimed. Experimental data obtained for this purpose and the results of the regression analysis performed are represented.
Citation Formats
H. Ç. Şişman, “Experimental investigation on sharp crested rectangular weirs,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.