Numerical modelling of contracted sharp crested weirs /

Duru, Aysel
Sharp crested weirs and gates are flow measurement structures which are frequently used for discharge measurements in channels and laboratories. In this thesis, numerical modelling technique was used in the solution of two flow measurement problems, namely contracted sharp crested weirs (Problem 1) and combined weir and gate system (Problem 2). The numerical simulation of flow cases having similar conditions with the experiments from the previous studies is performed for both Problem 1 and 2. The basic flow equations are solved using the finite-volume method of the commercially available software Flow-3D. The computed results for the volumetric flow rate of the flow are compared with the experimental data. The comparisons of the experimental and numerical results for both problems studied show that the computational volumetric flow rate values are found to agree reasonably well with the experimental data.
Citation Formats
A. Duru, “Numerical modelling of contracted sharp crested weirs /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.