A comparison of some robust regression techniques

Avcı, Ezgi
Robust regression is a commonly required approach in industrial studies like data mining, quality control and improvement, and finance areas. Among the robust regression methods; Least Median Squares, Least Trimmed Squares, Mregression, MM-method, Least Absolute Deviations, Locally Weighted Scatter Plot Smoothing and Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines are compared under contaminated normal distributions with each other and Ordinary Least Squares with respect to the multiple outlier detection performance measures. In this comparison; a simulation study is performed by changing some of the parameters such as outlier density, outlier locations in the x-axis, sample size and number of independent variables. In the comparison of the methods, multiple outlier detection is carried out with respect to the performance measures detection capability, false alarm rate and improved mean square error and ratio of improved mean square error. As a result of this simulation study, the three most competitive methods are compared on an industrial data set with respect to the coefficient of multiple determination and mean square error.


A comparison of data mining methods for prediction and classification types of quality problems
Anaklı, Zeynep; Anaklı, Zeynep; Department of Industrial Engineering (2009)
In this study, an Analytic Network Process (ANP) and Preference Ranking Organization MeTHod for Enrichment Evaluations (PROMETHEE) based approach is developed and used to compare overall performance of some commonly used classification and prediction data mining methods on quality improvement data, according to several decision criteria. Classification and prediction data mining (DM) methods are frequently used in many areas including quality improvement. Previous studies on comparison of performance of the...
Discrete time/cost trade-off project scheduling with a nonrenewable resource
Kırbıyık, Selin; Azizoğlu, Meral; Çetinkaya, Ferda Can; Department of Industrial Engineering (2009)
In this thesis, we consider a discrete time/cost trade-off problem with a single nonrenewable resource. We assume the resource is released at some prespecified time points and at some prespecified quantities. We also assume that the costs due to the activities are incurred at their completions. Our aim is to minimize total project completion time. We formulate the problem as a pure integer programming model. We show that the problem is strongly NP-hard. We find lower bounds by pure linear programming and mi...
Development of the holistic work system framework (hwsf) with the aid of information systems research design science guideline
Özalp, Egemen; Baykal, Buyurman; Department of Information Systems (2014)
Today almost every market, either service or industry, is utilizing Engineering or Information Technologies (IT) in their Work Systems (WS) extensively. Enterprises operating in these markets continuously seek methods to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of this utilization to gain Business Value, and achieve Business Goals. Works on Business Process Management (BPM), Technology Adoption (TA), or Enterprise Architecture (EA) are major instances of such methods. There are several models or standards ...
Analysis of local sectoral policies via system dynamics approach: the case of Alanya tourism sector
Dumbar, Burcu; Sayın, Erol; Department of Industrial Engineering (2009)
The purpose of this work is indicating System Dynamics Approach to be an appropriate tool for analysis of policies suggested for local sectors. Local sectors are very important for stability of the country’s economy as well as welfare of the local community. Therefore, feasible and effective policies should be created and implemented in order to contribute to the local sectoral development. But before any policy implementation, policy analysis is required on to evaluate whether effectiveness and feasibility...
An approach to the mean shift outlier model by Tikhonov regularization and conic programming
TAYLAN, PAKİZE; Yerlikaya-Oezkurt, Fatma; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (IOS Press, 2014-01-01)
In statistical research, regression models based on data play a central role; one of these models is the linear regression model. However, this model may give misleading results when data contain outliers. The outliers in linear regression can be resolved in two stages: by using the Mean Shift Outlier Model (MSOM) and by providing a new solution for this model. First, we construct a Tikhonov regularization problem for the MSOM. Then, we treat this problem using convex optimization techniques, specifically c...
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E. Avcı, “A comparison of some robust regression techniques,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.