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Experimental investigation of residual stresses introduced via shot peening and their effect on fatigue life of ball bearings

Küçükyılmaz, Ali
In this study, residual stresses introduced via application of shot peening on the raceways of bearing rings and their effect on the fatigue life was investigated experimentally. For improvement of residual compressive stress state, shot peening operation with different parameters was utilized. Residual stress measurements were conducted via X-ray diffraction technique. Optimization of residual stress state during the production of ball bearings is the main target of this study. Process parameters for shot peening and super-finishing were studied for determination of the parameters that induce the most favorable residual stress state. The fatigue life of ball bearings were determined by life cycle tests and tabulated to show the results of the study. The results of the thesis are believed to help for optimization of residual stress distribution and improvement of service life of ball bearings.