An accelerated aerodynamic optimization approach for a small turbojet engine centrifugal compressor

Ceylanoğlu, Arda
Centrifugal compressors are widely used in propulsion technology. As an important part of turbo-engines, centrifugal compressors increase the pressure of the air and let the pressurized air flow into the combustion chamber. The developed pressure and the flow characteristics mainly affect the thrust generated by the engine. The design of centrifugal compressors is a challenging and time consuming process including several tests, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses and optimization studies. In this study, a methodology on the geometry optimization and CFD analyses of the centrifugal compressor of an existing small turbojet engine are introduced as increased pressure ratio being the objective. The purpose is to optimize the impeller geometry of a centrifugal compressor such that the pressure ratio at the maximum speed of the engine is maximized. The methodology introduced provides a guidance on the geometry optimization of centrifugal impellers supported with CFD analysis outputs. The original geometry of the centrifugal compressor is obtained by means of optical scanning. Then, the parametric model of the 3-D geometry is created by using a CAD software. A design of experiments (DOE) procedure is applied through geometrical parameters in order to decrease the computation effort and guide through the optimization process. All the designs gathered through DOE study are modelled in the CAD software and meshed for CFD analyses. CFD analyses are carried out to investigate the resulting pressure ratio and flow characteristics. The results of the CFD studies are used within the Artificial Neural Network methodology to create a fit between geometric parameters (inputs) and the pressure ratio (output). Then, the resulting fit is used in the optimization study and a centrifugal compressor with higher pressure ratio is obtained by following a single objective optimization process supported by design of experiments methodology.
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A. Ceylanoğlu, “An accelerated aerodynamic optimization approach for a small turbojet engine centrifugal compressor,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.