Computerized test procedure for industrial radiographic examination of metallic welded joints

Güneş, E. Evren
Radiography is an extensively used NDT method, especially in nuclear, aerospace and automotive industries where optimal designs call for greater reliability. The rules corresponding to industrial radiography are defined in a system of radiographic standards. The standards related to the radiographic testing of metallic welded joints had been harmonised in all over the Europe and at the end in 1997, the standard "EN 1435" was established and published. Since then, this standard has become the most widely used standard where the radiographic applications are necessary. To eliminate the person based errors during application of the standard, moreover to save time, cost and effort in radiographic exposures, in this study it was aimed to write a computer program which is able to calculate all necessary parameters for a radiographic exposure related to this standard EN 1435. In the programming stage, Visual Basic 6.0 ? was used. The program consists of many windows, each giving and controlling separate parameters related to the exposure. Besides giving all the needed parameters, the evolved program is able to prepare a report with these parameters. So, both radiography technicians and experts can use it. It is believed that this study constructs a basis for developing other computerised test procedures for any kind of non-destructive testing methods used in industry today.
Citation Formats
E. E. Güneş, “Computerized test procedure for industrial radiographic examination of metallic welded joints,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.