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Site specific design optimization of a horizontal axis wind turbine based on minimum cost of energy

Sağol, Ece
This thesis introduces a design optimization methodology that is based on minimizing the Cost of Energy (COE) of a Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) that is to be operated at a specific wind site. In the design methodology for the calculation of the Cost of Energy, the Annual Energy Production (AEP) model to calculate the total energy generated by a unit wind turbine throughout a year and the total cost of that turbine are used. The AEP is calculated using the Blade Element Momentum (BEM) theory for wind turbine power and the Weibull distribution for the wind speed characteristics of selected wind sites. For the blade profile sections, either the S809 airfoil profile for all spanwise locations is used or NREL S-series airfoil families, which have different airfoil profiles for different spanwise sections, are used,. Lift and drag coefficients of these airfoils are obtained by performing computational fluid dynamics analyses. In sample design optimization studies, three different wind sites that have different wind speed characteristics are selected. Three scenarios are generated to present the effect of the airfoil shape as well as the turbine power. For each scenario, design optimizations of the reference wind turbines for the selected wind sites are performed the Cost of Energy and Annual Energy Production values are compared.