Aerothermodynamic modeling and simulation of gas turbines for transient operating conditions

Koçer, Gülru
In this thesis, development of a generic transient aero-thermal gas turbine model is presented. A simulation code, gtSIM is developed based on an algorithm which is composed of a set of differential equations and a set of non-linear algebraic equations representing each gas turbine engine component. These equations are the governing equations which represents the aero-thermodynamic process of the each engine component and they are solved according to a specific solving sequence which is defined in the simulation code algorithm. At each time step, ordinary differential equations are integrated by a first-order Euler scheme and a set of algebraic equations are solved by forward substitution. The numerical solution process lasts until the end of pre-defined simulation time. The objective of the work is to simulate the critical transient scenarios for different types of gas turbine engines at off-design conditions. Different critical transient scenarios are simulated for two di®erent types of gas turbine engine. As a first simulation, a sample critical transient scenario is simulated for a small turbojet engine. As a second simulation, a hot gas ingestion scenario is simulated for a turbo shaft engine. A simple proportional control algorithm is also incorporated into the simulation code, which acts as a simple speed governor in turboshaft simulations. For both cases, the responses of relevant engine parameters are plotted and results are presented. Simulation results show that the code has the potential to correctly capture the transient response of a gas turbine engine under different operating conditions. The code can also be used for developing engine control algorithms as well as health monitoring systems and it can be integrated to various flight vehicle dynamic simulation codes.
Citation Formats
G. Koçer, “Aerothermodynamic modeling and simulation of gas turbines for transient operating conditions,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2008.