Cleaning of Şırnak Karatepe asphaltites

Demir, Emre
Asphaltite is petroleum originated substance and formed by metamorphism. Turkey has 82 million tons of asphaltite reserves in Sırnak and Silopi region of Southeastern part of Anatolia. The proximate analysis of Sırnak Karatepe asphaltite sample indicated that the ash and sulfur content were 46.86 % and 5.56 %, respectively. In this study, Sırnak Karatepe asphaltite sample was concentrated by gravity separation and flotation methods. The aim of this research was to decrease the ash and sulfur content below 20% and 2%, respectively, which are the requirements of Sırnak Municipality. Gravity based cleaning equipments such as multi gravity separator, shaking table and Falcon concentrator gave no satisfactory results in terms of ash and sulfur removal. The products with lowest ash content were obtained with Falcon concentrator after two stage cleaning of -100 micrometer feed. Flotation parameters of Karatepe asphaltite were also examined during the study. As a result of multi-stage flotation with stage addition of Collector Accoal 9630 and depressant Na2SiO3 , ash content of asphaltite was decreased to 17.59 % with 15.31 % combustible recovery. Even though the ash content specification met by flotation, the sulfur content of cleaned asphaltite (6.68 % S) was more than the sulfur limit of Sırnak Municipality.
Citation Formats
E. Demir, “Cleaning of Şırnak Karatepe asphaltites,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2009.