Taxonomy of design control tools

Serin, Bilge
Design control is a relevant concept for any age and any context of urban development by use of many varying tools from highly prescriptive ones to flexible guidance in order to control design of urban space and places. Production of clear definitions and types for the tools is critical for effective use of the design tools to guide and code the urban design. Distinctive parameters for the definitions and types of the design control tools are scale of intervention, level of prescription and contents and component of the tool. In this thesis, design control tools including design guides, briefs, frameworks and design codes are analysed in terms of this parameters, in order to reach the aim of the thesis which is building taxonomy of design control tools and taxonomy of their contents and components by analysing contemporary design control tools.
Citation Formats
B. Serin, “Taxonomy of design control tools,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.