A hierarchical decision support system for workforce planning in medical equipment maintenance services

Cihangir, Çiğdem
In this thesis, we propose a hierarchical level decision support system for workforce planning in medical equipment maintenance services. In strategic level, customer clusters and the total number of field engineers is determined via a mixed integer programming and simulation. In MIP, we aim to find the minimum number of field engineers. Afterwards, we analyze service measures such as response time via simulation. In tactical level, quarterly training program for the field engineers is determined via mixed integer programming and the results are interpreted in terms of service level via simulation.


A Novel MDP Based Decision Support Framework to Restore Earthquake Damaged Distribution Systems
Aydın Göl, Ebru; Göl, Murat (2019-01-01)
Electric power network expanded rapidly in recent decades due of the excessive need of electricity in every aspect of life, including critical infrastructures such as medical services, and transportation and communication systems. Natural disasters are one of the major reasons of electricity outage. It is extremely important to restore electrical energy in the shortest time possible after a disaster. This paper proposes a decision support method for electric system operators to restore electricity to the cr...
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The bid/no bid decision is an important and complex process, and is impacted by numerous variables that are related to the contractor, project, client, competitors, tender and market conditions. Despite the complexity of bid decision making process, in the construction industry the majority of bid/no bid decisions is made informally based on experience, judgment, and perception. In this paper, a procedure based on support vector machines and backward elimination regression is presented for improving the exi...
A Prototype Risk Management Decision Support Tool for Construction Projects
Arıkan, Ae; Dikmen Toker, İrem; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat (null; 2009-09-30)
Although risk management (RM) is accepted as one of the critical success factors for construction projects, project participants generally do not have sufficient knowledge pertinent to RM concept and the number of support tools which facilitate the process is rather low. Decision support tools are necessary for the systematic identification of risks, scenario generation, and proactive management of risk and integration of RM activities with other project management functions. The aim of this study is to int...
A case-based reasoning model as an organizational learning tool
Ozorhon, B,; Dikmen Toker, İrem; Birgönül, Mustafa Talat (null; 2005-06-03)
Organizational learning (OL) is a set of activities to obtain organizational memory (OM) byacquiring, sharing, interpreting, integrating and institutionalizing knowledge. Although the OLprocess of construction firms has been discussed for several times, utilization of the output ofthese activities has not been investigated in depth. All companies can learn but the advantage oflearning is revealed when companies enhance their decision-making abilities through their OM.The major objective of this...
A Decision support model for adopting software product line engineering /
Tüzün, Eray; Bilgen, Semih; Tekinerdoğan, Bekir; Department of Information Systems (2014)
The software product line engineering (SPLE) community has provided several different approaches for assessing the feasibility of SPLE adoption and selecting transition strategies. These approaches usually include many rules and guidelines which are very often implicit or scattered over different publications. Hence, for the practitioners it is not always easy to select and use these rules to support the decision-making process. To support the decision-making process in SPLE adoption, a decision support mod...
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Ç. Cihangir, “A hierarchical decision support system for workforce planning in medical equipment maintenance services,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.