Design and construction of boundary lubricated bearing test rig and wear analysis in earthmoving machinery

Tekin, Koray Serdar
Excavators which used as earthmoving machinery are exposed to heavy loads and operate long hours repeatedly. The forces that are transmitted trough pin bearings are observed to cause failure due to wear. Therefore, durability of bearings is crucial for excavators. The aim of this study is to perform wear analysis of excavator bearings running in boundary lubrication regime. A hydraulically powered test rig, which simulates the operating conditions of excavator bearings is designed and constructed. Wear is obtained applying both force and relative motion between pin and bearing on the test rig. Several tests are performed in this test bench. Force and material type are varied as the factors influencing wear. Results are compared and the effects of the factors on wear are determined.


Assessment of occupational noise exposure of a plant in oil industry
Dal, Ufuk; Birlik, Gülin; Department of Engineering Sciences (2010)
Noise, which is a noteworthy problem in the world of workers, influences the health, safety, productivity and efficiency of those working in heavy industries and especially those working in petroleum industry. The objective of this study is to reassess the protective measures, taken previously by the company, from the point of view of the negative effects of noise on the workers. For this purpose, two approaches are adopted. Firstly, through questionnaires (response rate: 86%) distributed to workers, their ...
Modeling and experimental evaluation of variable speed pump and valve controlled hydraulic servo drives
Çalışkan, Hakan; Balkan, Raif Tuna; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2009)
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Reliability analysis for two draglines in Tunçbilek lignite mine
Tuncay, Deniz; Demirel, Nuray; Department of Mining Engineering (2014)
In modern mining activities, high-capacity complex machines are used and their availability plays a big role on the mine productivity. Draglines are one of the high capacity mining machines which result in decrease in production in case of failure or unavailability. This study aims to determine the effects of different components of two draglines (PAGE 736 and MARION 7820) to their availability and operability by choosing adequate reliability models and conducting fault tree analyses. Reliability analysis w...
Experimental investigation of near and far field flow characteristics of circular and non-circular turbulent jets
Taşar, Gürsu; Özgen, Serkan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2008)
The atomization problem of high speed viscous jets has many applications in industrial processes and machines. In all these applications, it is required that the droplets have high surface area/volume ratio meaning that the droplets should be as small as possible. This can be achieved with high rates of turbulence and mixing of the flow. In order to constitute a foresight of geometry e ects on droplet size, experimental investigation and the determination of flow characteristics in near and far fields of a ...
Computational analysis for performance prediction of Stirling cryocoolers
Çakıl, Semih; Yamalı, Cemil; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2010)
Stirling cryocoolers are required for a wide variety of applications, especially in military equipment, due to their small size, low weight, long lifetime and high reliability considering their efficiency. Thus, it is important to be able to investigate the operating performance of these coolers in the design stage. This study focuses on developing a computer program for simulating a Stirling cryocooler according to the second order analysis. The main consideration is to simulate thermodynamic, fluid dynami...
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K. S. Tekin, “Design and construction of boundary lubricated bearing test rig and wear analysis in earthmoving machinery,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.