Bearings-only tracking

Bingöl, Haluk Erdem
The basic problem with angle-only or bearings-only tracking is to estimate the trajectory of a target (i.e., position and velocity) by using noise corrupted sensor angle data. In this thesis, the tracking platform is an Aerial Vehicle and the target is simulated as another Aerial Vehicle. Therefore, the problem can be defined as a single-sensor bearings only tracking. The state consists of relative position and velocity between the target and the platform. In the case where both the target and the platform travel at constant velocity, the angle measurements do not provide any information about the range between the target and the platform. The platform has to maneuver to be able to estimate the range of the target. Two problems are investigated and tested on simulated data. The first problem is tracking non-maneuvering targets. Extended Kalman Filter (EKF), Range Parameterized Kalman Filter and particle filter are implemented in order to track non-maneuvering targets. As the second problem, tracking maneuvering targets are investigated. An interacting multiple model (IMM) filter and different particle filter solutions are designed for this purpose. Kalman filter covariance matrix initialization and regularization step of the regularized particle filter are discussed in detail.
Citation Formats
H. E. Bingöl, “Bearings-only tracking,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.