Low voltage switched-capacitor cmos vlsi filter design using switched op-amp technique

Atalık, Yelda


Low phase noise phase locked loop frequency synthesizer design for breast cancer detection
KEYKHALİ, Mahsa; Gençer, Nevzat Güneri (2015-11-06)
Harmonic Motion Microwave Doppler Imaging (HMMDI) method is recently proposed as a non-invasive hybrid breast imaging technique for tumor detection. In this method, local harmonic motion is generated in the tissue using a focused ultrasound probe. A narrow-band microwave signal is transmitted to the tissue. The Doppler component of the scattered signal, which depends on the dielectric and elastic properties of the vibrating region, is sensed [1]. Since the measurements obtained from HMMDI is directly relate...
Low voltage DC-DC conversion without magnetic components for energy harvesting
Pathirana, W. P. M. R.; Muhtaroglu, Ali (2012-12-05)
A novel interface circuit topology with power management is presented for ultra-low voltage DC-DC step-up conversion. The proposed 90 nm CMOS circuit avoids off-chip components or non-standards processes, and is suitable for ultra-low voltage system-on-chip applications. Comparative analysis was performed with a commercial low voltage DC-DC converter to identify the relative advantages and disadvantages of the integrated approach. The circuit can be started up from input voltage as low as 0.2V based on the ...
Low voltage integrated charge pump circuits for energy harvesting applications
Pathirana, Walive Pathiranage Manula Randhika; Muhtaroğlu, Ali; Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (2014-7)
Two different low voltage integrated charge pump circuit topologies are studied in this thesis for energy harvesting applications. The circuits are implemented in 0.18 μm standard CMOS technology without the use of off-chip magnetic components and non-standard processes, and are thus suitable for low profile (small and low cost) system-on-chip applications. In the first proposed design, operation at low input voltage (~240 mV) is achieved with a 5-stage subthreshold first stage oscillator, which improves th...
Low temperature absorption edge and photoluminescence study in TlIn(Se1-xSx)(2) layered mixed crystals
Hasanlı, Nızamı (2018-02-01)
Transmission on TlIn(Se1-xSx)(2) mixed crystals (0.25 <= x <= 1) were carried out in the 400-800 nm wavelength range at T = 10 K. Band gap energies of the studied crystals were obtained using the derivative spectra of transmittance. The compositional dependence of direct band gap energy at T = 10 K revealed that as sulfur composition is increased in the mixed crystals, the direct band gap energy rises from 2.26 eV (x = 0.25) to 2.56 eV (x = 1).
Low dark current diffusion limited planar type InGaAs photodetectors
m halit, dolaş; ateşal, okan; çalışkan, m deniz; Bek, Alpan; ÖZBAY, EKMEL (2019-09-09)
In this work, we design and produce 1280x1024 format InGaAs based planar type detectors with 15µm pixel pitch. We have obtained diffusion current limited low dark current (~10fA) and high responsivity (1.08A/W at 1.55µm) values at room temperature conditions. Moreover, dark current modeling is performed using diffusion, generation & recombination (GR) and trap assisted tunneling (TAT) current mechanisms. Ideality factor is extracted from forward bias characteristics. Excellent match between modeling and exp...
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Y. Atalık, “Low voltage switched-capacitor cmos vlsi filter design using switched op-amp technique,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.