Inter- auction transport optimization in floriculture industry

Özer, Zübeyde Özlem
This study aims to improve transportation held between six auction centers, Inter-Auction Transportation, of FloraHolland. FloraHolland serves ninety eight percent of the Dutch market and is the largest auction in floriculture industry. The company wants to give the best sale opportunities with the costs as low as possible and this is the main initiative of this study. In this line of thought, FloraHolland wants to have a improvement on its current routing and scheduling mechanism. Exact models do not work due to the complexity and the size of the problem. Therefore, we developed a two-stage approach specific to this study. With this approach, we split exact approach into two, a mathematical model followed by a heuristic. In the exact approach, trucks are routed and scheduled at the same time. On the other hand, our solution approach first determines most efficient routes to be followed with Cycle Assignment Model and then, with Scheduling Heuristic, trucks are assigned to the routes, so within day transportation is planned in detail. Overall, each stage of this approach works in harmony and brings good solutions in a short CPU time.
Citation Formats
Z. Ö. Özer, “Inter- auction transport optimization in floriculture industry,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.