Synthesis of 4-Phenylselenyl-1h-pyrazoles by electrophilic cyclization

Demirci, Deniz
In this study, the synthesis of 5-ferrocenyl/aryl-4-(phenylselenyl)-1H-pyrazole derivatives was investigated since the integration of ferrocenyl and selenium moieties into pyrazole derivatives may increase their current biological activities. Initially, the starting propargyl aldehydes were synthesized from corresponding acetylenes. Subsequently, propargyl aldehydes were reacted with hydrazines to yield corresponding hydrazones. Then the in situ synthesized hydrazones were subjected to electrophilic cyclization with phenylselenyl chloride, which afforded 5-ferrocenyl/aryl-4-(phenylselenyl)-1H-pyrazoles in one-pot manner. Subsequently, reaction conditions were optimized in terms of electrophile, base, temperature and solvent. Best results were obtained with phenylselenyl chloride and NaHCO3 at room temperature in DCM for ferrocenyl substituted pyrazoles and DCE for aryl substituted pyrazoles. In summary, by employing the electrophilic cyclizations of in situ synthesized acetylenic hydrazones, a variety of 5-ferrocenyl/aryl-4-(phenylselenyl)-1H-pyrazole derivatives were synthesized in one-pot way in moderate to good yields.
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D. Demirci, “Synthesis of 4-Phenylselenyl-1h-pyrazoles by electrophilic cyclization,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.