Numerical investigation of natural convection from inclined plate finned heat sinks

Mehrtash, Mehdi
Finned heat sink use for electronics cooling via natural convection is numerically investigated. An experimental study from the literature that is for vertical surfaces is taken as the base case and the experimental setup is numerically modeled using commercial CFD software. The flow and temperature fields are resolved. A scale analysis is applied to produce an order-of-magnitude estimate for maximum convection heat transfer corresponding to the optimum fin spacing. By showing a good agreement of the results with the experimental data, the model is verified. Then the model is used for heat transfer from inclined surfaces. After a large number of simulations for various forward and backward angles between 0-90 degrees, the dependence of heat transfer to the angle and Rayleigh number is investigated. It is observed that the contributions of radiation and natural convection changes with the angle considerably. Results are also verified by comparing them with experimental results available in literature.
Citation Formats
M. Mehrtash, “Numerical investigation of natural convection from inclined plate finned heat sinks,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.