Introducing tangible objects into motion controlled gameplay using Microsoft Kinect

Bozgeyikli, L. Gamze
Recent years have witnessed great improvements in ways of game controlling yielding to higher level of interaction. Release of motion controller devices radically changed the conventional ways of interaction that have been used for controlling games so far, also giving developers the opportunity of exploring various new possible ways of interaction. One of these off the shelf tools, Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360, recognizes motions of the players as game controlling inputs. Although touchless interaction is perceived to be attractive, games that mimic real life activities such as table tennis, sword fighting, baseball and golf may benefit from the player’s holding a tangible object to get more involved into game, sensing the actions deeply. In this thesis, a tangible gameplay interaction method that senses whether or not the player holds an object in the hand; if so, detects its dimensions and incorporates the hand-held object into gameplay by projecting motions of the player accordingly, is developed using Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360. Developed algorithm is implemented on an experimental game and a user study is performed which revealed that an improved gameplay with more natural and accurate motion controlling yielding to new possible actions is achieved with the developed system.
Citation Formats
L. G. Bozgeyikli, “Introducing tangible objects into motion controlled gameplay using Microsoft Kinect,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.