A Novel broad-phase continuous-time collision detection algorithm

Kaya, Tarık
Today’s game development tools rely on realistic physics simulation more than ever. Physics simulation is a highly sophisticated subject, which can be approached from various angles, because of the impossibility of exact simulation. The impossibility of exact simulation for real world physics comes from the requirements of infinite precision, resolution and therefore infinite computational power. Hence the main aim of game physics simulations is making the game-world seem as physically realistic as feasible within the computational power limitations. One can always increment the physical precision and the number of active physical objects at the cost of performance and vice versa. This makes performance a critical issue. In our work we optimize the continuous-time collision detection algorithm by adding a novel broad-phase step to improve performance without any loss of realism, i.e., the output of our optimized method is exactly the same as the old method.
Citation Formats
T. Kaya, “A Novel broad-phase continuous-time collision detection algorithm,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.