Design of a skid-steer loader

Yalçın, Tuğçe
Skid-steer loaders are also called mini loaders. Skid-steer loaders are capable of zero turning radiuses, which make them extremely maneuverable and suitable for confined spaces. The aim of this thesis study is to design the loader mechanism for skid-steer loaders. Primarily, the loader mechanism synthesis will be performed to determine the basic link dimensions for the mechanism of the loader. Genetic algorithm will be used in the design process. Besides, the hydraulic cylinders dimensions and working pressure of the loader mechanism will be chosen according to the forces that will be applied. After the link dimensions of the loader are determined, 3D modeling of the loader mechanism will be performed. Afterwards, the finite element analysis of the system will be carried out. Finally, improvements will be made on the model according to the results of the analysis.


Design of an automatic tool changer with disc magazine for a CNC horizontal machining center
Gökler, Mustafa İlhan (1997-03-01)
Automatic tool changers (ATCs) are devices used in CNC machine tools to exchange the tool in the spindle with the tool in the magazine. In this paper, the design of the ATC of a CNC horizontal machining center which was realized for a CNC machine tool manufacturer is introduced. After examination of several alternatives, it was decided to implement the disc-type ATC. A magazine was designed with 24 tools with a maximum tool diameter of 150 mm and a maximum tool weight of 8 kgf. The designed ATC can change t...
Efficiency Control of Single Phase Induction Motor Drive
Asadabadi, Y. Abdellahi; Markadeh, Gh. R. Arab; Soltani, J.; Heidar, R. (2011-09-10)
Single-phase induction motors are widely used in home appliances and industrial control. The multispeed operation and multipurpose operation are provided by controlling the speed of these motors. This paper presents variable-frequency motor drive system implemented by PWAI voltage source inverter, to improve a single-phase induction machine (SIM) efficiency.
Construction of electrochromic devices using thiophene based conducting polymers
COSKUN, YENER; Çırpan, Ali; Toppare, Levent Kamil (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2007-01-01)
Dual type polymer electrochromic devices (ECDs) based on poly(terepthalic acid bis-(2-thiophen-3-yl-ethyl)ester) (PTATE), its copolymer with thiophene P(TATE-co-Th) and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) have been constructed. Spectroelectrochemistry, switching ability and stability of the devices were investigated by UV-Vis Spectrophotometer and Cyclic voltammetry. These devices exhibit low switching voltages (between 0.0 V and +1.6 V), short switching times with reasonable switching stability under ...
Ideal Location of Intermediate Ring Stiffeners on Discretely Supported Cylindrical Shells
Topkaya, Cem (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2014-04-01)
Silos in the form of a cylindrical metal shell are commonly elevated to provide access to the space beneath, permitting the contained materials to be directly discharged. A few discrete column supports at evenly spaced intervals are commonly used. However, the structural design of discretely supported cylindrical shells presents a variety of challenges. The presence of discrete supports results in circumferential nonuniformity in the axial compressive stress as well as a progressive vertical decay above the...
Determination of mechanical properties of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete
Yurtseven, Alp Eren; Tokyay, Mustafa; Department of Civil Engineering (2004)
Fiber reinforcement is commonly used to provide toughness and ductility to brittle cementitious matrices. Reinforcement of concrete with a single type of fiber may improve the desired properties to a limited level. A composite is termed as hybrid, if two or more types of fibers are rationally combined to produce a composite that derives benefits from each of the individual fibers and exhibits a synergetic response. This study aims to characterize and quantify the mechanical properties of hybrid fiber reinfo...
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T. Yalçın, “Design of a skid-steer loader,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2012.