The Students' perceptions about e-learning in ahigher education institution in Turkey

Selman, Abdullah
E-learning is one of the common education types in Turkey elsewhere in the world because it has been a necessity for higher and continuous education of people but what about its quality? There are a diverse number of factors which affect the quality of e-learning education but one of the most important factors is the student. Because students are at the center of education and all of the teaching-learning operations are performed for them, their impressions are very important to gain idea about the quality and improvement of education. In order to obtain information from students about e-learning process, questionnaires applied to 267 students and 203 of them were used for this study. The results showed that students were not able to get adequate support from teachers and success rates of the students were affected negatively by lack of immediate feedback. It was also inferred that learning objectives of the course were shared at the beginning but they were not emphasized throughout the term therefore students did not have enough knowledge about them. Moreover, according to the students almost all of the e-learning courses have similar assessment methods and they were not selected according to the predetermined learning objectives. Lastly, students mentioned that e-learning courses they had taken were not more beneficial than traditional ones but they will continue preferring them in the future. This shows that although there are still problems related with e-learning, students still prefer it because of its advantages for the students.
Citation Formats
A. Selman, “The Students’ perceptions about e-learning in ahigher education institution in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.