Marx's critique of Hegel : stages in Marx's appropriation of dialectic

Kılınç, Doğan Barış
The purpose of this thesis is to trace Marx’s critique of Hegel from the beginning to the end and to draw attention to his continuous dialogue with Hegel, which results in Marx’s appropriation of Hegel’s dialectic in all its aspects. To this aim, we will focus on the texts in which Marx criticizes Hegel and try to understand how he develops his position against Hegel’s philosophy. Marx has always become in a critical relationship with Hegel’s philosophy and considered it as a philosophy which must be transcended since it, for Marx, amounts to justify the present reality which, in Marx’s eyes, constitutes a great barrier for human freedom. However, Marx also regards Hegel’s philosophy, in which dialectic occupies a central place, as one which includes the most developed conception of science and the true scientific method, and attempts to use Hegel’s dialectic in his critique of political economy. In this thesis, by following Marx’s critique of Hegel, we will try to show that Marx comes closer to Hegel’s dialectic even when he criticizes Hegel’s philosophy.
Citation Formats
D. B. Kılınç, “Marx’s critique of Hegel : stages in Marx’s appropriation of dialectic,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2013.