A Usability study on electronic document management system in Middle East Technical University

Karagöz, Alpay
The development of information technologies (IT) in recent years has started to affect the daily routines of the people. These technologies have changed the way that the things are done. One of these technologies is Electronic Document Management System. Considering the increasing amount of documents needed for the institutions, it could be said that there was a need for a system to manage this complexity. However, usability of such technologies depend on the people who would use the system. Usability problems of such systems and websites have been an important topic for Human Computer Interaction. In this study, usability tests were conducted about Middle East Technical University’s Electronic Document Management System. The main purpose of this study is to conduct three-step usability tests using eye tracker device and questionnaires and offer recommendations that would refine the problematic issues by analyzing the obtained data. Several usability issues were identified with the results of the study. Recommendations for further development were offered based on the findings of the study. There were two main usability issues identified. These issues were complexity and inconsistency of the system. For the solution of these problems it is recommended that the home page of the system should be simplified and the actions to be taken on a document should show consistency.


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A. Karagöz, “A Usability study on electronic document management system in Middle East Technical University,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.