From cooperative work to seasonal employment: the change of agricultural labor in the case of Çiçekpınar /

Mutioğlu, Melek
This thesis aims at examining agricultural labor change in Çiçekpınar village which has revealed in the form of shift from cooperative work to seasonal employment. It questions the effects of capitalism’s penetration into agricultural life over this shift through initiating the transformation of the forms of production. In this sense, main questions have been organized to scrutinize the transforming production forms through capitalist progress, the specific dynamics and structures behind this transformation and its effects over agricultural labor in particular to the case. The analysis of the study is conducted by the field research through semi-structured interviews with 25 villagers in Çiçekpınar and some quantitative data to supplement them. It concludes that capitalism has gradually converted the production forms in Çiçekpınar through certain political, economic, technological and social conditions. This has directly resulted in agricultural labor change by the shift from cooperative work to seasonal employment, which has affected both (1) production process and (2) social and political terrain in various aspects.