Flexible multibody analysis using absolute nodal coordinate formulation

Çiftçi, Muhammed Ali
The motion of the planar flexible multibody system with large deformation is analyzed by using the absolute nodal coordinate formulation (ANCF). For this purpose, flexible multibody systems consisting of beams are considered. In the conventional planar ANCF beam elements, there are two nodes located at the ends. Each element has eight degrees of freedom which consist of four global coordinates and four global slopes. In this study, a planar beam element is developed with quadratic shape functions and new nodal configuration by using ANCF. In the developed element, an additional node is introduced to define the orientation and the shape of the beam so that neither angles nor slopes are used. At each element, six degrees of freedom exist. Since reduced degrees of freedom and quadratic shape functions are used, the element formulation is simplified considerably. Comparisons have been made between the developed beam element and the conventional ANCF beam element to see the performances. Also, four-bar mechanism analyses have been made for small and large deformation cases by using ANCF beam element types and the floating frame of reference formulation.
Citation Formats
M. A. Çiftçi, “Flexible multibody analysis using absolute nodal coordinate formulation,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.