Missile guidance with impact angle constraint

Çilek, Barkan
Missile flight control systems are the brains of missiles. One key element of a missile FCS is the guidance module. It basically generates the necessary command inputs to the autopilot.Guidance algorithm selection depends on the purpose of the corresponding missile type. In this thesis, missile guidance design problem with impact angle constraint is studied which is the main concern of anti-tank and anti-ship missiles. Different algorithms existing in the literature have been investigated using various analysis techniques some of which are not present in the literature. For the algorithms that need time-to-go information, sensitivity of the algorithm to the errors in time-to-go measurement is analyzed. In this context, apart from the time-to-go methods that are used in corresponding algorithms, a different time-to-go method[1] is employed and sensitivity analysis is repeated. Results with different time-to-go methods are compared.
Citation Formats
B. Çilek, “Missile guidance with impact angle constraint,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.