The Perceptions of education inspectors about the current inspection system and expectations of education inspectors from a new inspection system: a case study

Avcil Uyar, Mücella
The purpose of this study is to examine education inspectors’ opinions about the current inspection system and their expectations about the new inspection system.Hence this study focuses on determining problems of current inspection system based on education inspectors’ views and aims to make a contribution to specify what is expected from a new inspection system by education inspectors. This study also triggers whether the new system addressed the problems of inspection system and the expectations of education inspectors will be met in the new inspection system. The sample of the study is consisted of 14 education inspectors in one of the developing provinces in Turkey. The qualitative data were collected through semi-structured interviews made up of open ended questions. According to the findings, the new regulation did not meet the major expectations of education inspectors such as inspection system’s being bounded to Ministry directly, education inspectors’having same economic rights with ministerial inspectors and well determined scope of duties. In conclusion, the new inspection system did not bring thorough solutions to the problems even though there were some positive changes about narrowing the scope of duties, unifying ministerial and education inspectors and giving back the ‘inspector’ denomination to education inspectors.


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M. Avcil Uyar, “The Perceptions of education inspectors about the current inspection system and expectations of education inspectors from a new inspection system: a case study,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.