Bergson’s method of intuition: towards a philosophy of life /

Koçkan, Zöhre
The purpose of this study is to show how a possible philosophy of life can arise by following Bergson’s method of intuition and to make emphasis on how Bergson’s two fundamental notions (intuition and duration) are capable of grasping the flux of life. The scientific methods, static concepts and classical philosophy are not able to understand the flow of life. Throughout this study it is pointed out a possible philosophy that is able to grasp the flow and the evolution of life. For this aim, Bergson’s method of intuition is investigated and the difference between the method of intuition and analysis is pointed out. Then, the evolution of intuition and its relation with instinct and intellect are examined. Moreover, the significance of duration and its difference from mathematical time are analyzed. Finally, the relations between intuition, duration and life are examined.
Citation Formats
Z. Koçkan, “Bergson’s method of intuition: towards a philosophy of life /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.