Improvement and analysis of TressFX real-time hair simulation framework

Uğurca, Deniz
One of the single largest challenges in today’s game production is the simulation and rendering of realistic hair in real time. In most games, hair and fur are usually covered or simplified with textured meshes. TressFX real-time GPU hair framework, which is used in Tomb Raider (2013) game, includes realistic hair by utilizing parallel nature of GPUs. This framework, however, lacks one of the most distinctive properties of hair: Inter-hair interaction. Even though calculating this interaction in real-time is an expensive task, equalizing hair velocities gives the illusion of hair collision, thus, creating better visuals, at the expense of some performance loss in a cheaper way. In this study, an efficient way to address hair-hair collisions is implemented using uniform girds to improve realism of TressFX framework. Moreover, a user study is conducted to quantitatively measure the quality improvement. The results demonstrate that there is a significant difference in users’ perception of simulation quality in support of the proposed method, while performance characteristics of simulation are not effected.
Citation Formats
D. Uğurca, “Improvement and analysis of TressFX real-time hair simulation framework,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.