Design considerations for modern railway stations; comparing Berlin, Beijing and Ankara

Atak, Zeynep
High Speed train era in Turkey has started in 2009 with the Ankara-Eskisehir high speed rail line. From 2009 until 2015, a number of high speed railway and new station construction projects haves been implemented. And new high speed rail line projects are in planned. Location of the station in the city, its dimensions, security check points, ticket checking system, the size of the retail places within the station and some other functions are critical for the design of railway stations, however it is realized that many of the mentioned parameters are not taken into account. In this study, the parameters affecting design of modern stations are investigated. The population of the city and the passenger capacity are the two important parameters that have to be considered while designing a railway station. Additional spaces that may or may not be necessary for passenger needs must be determined according to the location of the station and according to the requirements of the city. No matter where it is constructed, the station must be easily accessible by public and private transport means. The location of the passenger entrance/exit doors, whether there will be a security check point or not, the location of the ticket checking system are important parameters that have to be taken into account while designing a station. A number of new railway stations have been constructed around the world recently. Among these new stations, Berlin New Central Station in Germany and Beijing South Railway Station in China are the two famous stations. Their success is mainly due to the (1) good connection of the station buildings with their location, (2) the efficient solution in terms of passenger’s access to the station buildings either pedestrian, vehicular or public transportation means, (3) the size of the stations are determined in accordance with the projected passenger capacity. In this study, Ankara high speed railway station is compared with the Berlin and Beijing high speed railway stations in terms of spatial requirements and the parameters affecting their design.
Citation Formats
Z. Atak, “Design considerations for modern railway stations; comparing Berlin, Beijing and Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.