Sustainable actions in picture storybooks for 4-to-6-year-olds: a content analysis study with respect to 7R

Alan, Havva Ayça
The present study aimed to investigate picture storybooks in terms of 7R (Reduce, Reuse, Respect, Rethink, Reflect, Recycle, Redistribute) that addresses the three pillars (environmental, socio-cultural and economic) of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). In scope of the current study, 598 picture storybooks written for 4-6 year-olds that published between 1995 and 2014 were explored through content analysis. Results of this exploration pointed that 70.7% of the sample included at least one sustainable action in terms of one of the three pillars; 18.7% of them included action related to environmental pillar; 61% of them included actions related to socio-cultural pillar; and 6.7% of them included actions related to economic pillar. Findings revealed that the picture storybooks hold a great potential addressing ESD. However, pillar base reflections particularly for environmental and economic pillar are noticeably low. Furthermore, it was revealed that 15.1% of picture storybooks contained sustainable actions related to Reduce, 4.7% of them contained sustainable actions related to Reuse; 41.7% of them contained sustainable actions related to Respect, 14.5% of them contained sustainable actions related to Rethink, 9.5% of them contained sustainable actions related to Reflect, 0.7% of them contain sustainable actions related to Recycle, 6% of them contain sustainable actions related to Redistribute. Apart from those, it was found that 89.7% of the books do not introduce any specific concept related to ESD.


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H. A. Alan, “Sustainable actions in picture storybooks for 4-to-6-year-olds: a content analysis study with respect to 7R,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.