Energy consumption modeling of turn-mill systems and related machining processes

Moradnazhad, Mariyeh
In this thesis, a generic energy consumption model is developed for turn-mill systems which could be adopted for all turn-mill machine tools. Also energy characterization studies is performed to a turn-mill machine tool in order to validate the presented model and a methodology is created to develop a feature based energy consumption model for this turn-mill system considering cutting parameters during cutting operations of 304 stainless steel. This model predicts the energy consumption of the turn-mill machine tool during machining operation based on used features and cutting parameters with an accuracy of 95%. The results of this research work showed that depth of cut is the most significant factor on power consumption during machining processes. Furthermore, the present work outlines an experimental study to investigate the energy consumption of orthogonal turn-milling processes performed on a turn-mill machine tool. Effect of cutting parameters on power requirement and energy consumption of turn-milling processes are analyzed. In addition, conventional turning processes are performed in the same cutting conditions in order to compare their power and energy consumption with orthogonal turn-milling processes. It is concluded that in spite of high power requirement of the turn-milling processes, these processes result in higher material removal rates and are more energy efficient.
Citation Formats
M. Moradnazhad, “Energy consumption modeling of turn-mill systems and related machining processes,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.