A Qualitative case study of London 2012 summer olympic games

Öztop, Melih
The purpose of the study was to explore the London 2012 Summer Olympic stakeholders’ perceptions towards the impact of Olympic Games. Historically London was the single city in terms of hosting the mega event Summer Olympic Games three times. A case study strategy was utilized in this study. Qualitative method was used to investigate London 2012 Olympic Stakeholders’ perceptions towards the impact of Olympic Games. Researcher conducted semi structured interview with 40 Olympic stakeholders. Additionally, researcher as an observer took field notes during the games. Interviews and field notes were main data sources in this study. Thematic content analysis was conducted manually in this study. According to findings four main themes were found in this study: a) Hosting Mega Event of London 2012 Summer Olympic Games: Inspire Olympic Legacy; b) Nation Branding with Olympic Games: British Opening Ceremony; c) Global Sport City London with Olympics; d) East London Transformation by London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Implications identified the importance of examining the Olympic legacy in the long term, urbanization, nation branding and inspiring young generation through Olympic Games.  


Evolution assessment of main stadium structures of summer olympic games: from 1896 to 2012
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Olympics and political impact : Case of Sochi 2014.
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M. Öztop, “A Qualitative case study of London 2012 summer olympic games,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2017.