Assessment of responsible sectors having considerable pollution load in Yesilirmak river basin, Turkey

Erdem, Elif
The Water Framework Directive(WFD) of the European Union requires achieving good quantitative and qualitative status for all water bodies within its territory. For achieving good chemical and ecological status, the Member States were expected to comply with the Environmental Quality Standards(EQSs) for 45 dangerous substances identified as "priority" and river basin “specific pollutants” requiring identification. This study aims to identify the potential point pollution sources of the river basin specific pollutants that exist in the Yeşilırmak river; and associate these water pollution with their sources for the most effective management strategy. Towards this objective; firstly, an inventory of wastewater treatment plants(WWTPs), small industrial sites(SISs), organized industrial zones(OIZs) and individual industrial establishments in the Yeşilırmak Basin was formed and the industrial facilities inside OIZs were determined. Then, the water quality monitoring results obtained from the project entitled “Management of Point and Diffuse Pollution Sources of Yeşilırmak River Basin”, of which this thesis is a part were assessed to identify the pollutants that exceed EQS, and to indicate the spatial distribution of these pollutants’ sources and the major polluted areas. An ArcGIS file was used for the identification of the water pollution. A literature study on possible sources of these pollutants was conducted and then a relationship among each pollutant and its possible sources was tried to be established The results indicated that metal pollution is a major problem in the basin and the metal, machinery, plastics and food industries are the main industrial sectors having high effect on pollution.
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E. Erdem, “Assessment of responsible sectors having considerable pollution load in Yesilirmak river basin, Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.