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Multi-Fidelity Aerodynamic Dataset Generation of a Fighter Aircraft with a Deep Neural-Genetic Network
Millidere, Murat; Gomec, Fazil Selcuk; Kurt, Huseyin Burak; Akgül, Ferhat (2021-01-01)
© 2021, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc.. All rights reserved.This paper is a follow-up study on prior research work on multi-fidelity aerodynamic dataset generation. The prior work studied a compari...
Inspection and evaluation of a network of concrete bridges based on multiple NDT techniques
Akgül, Ferhat (Informa UK Limited, 2020-07-01)
Bridge condition rating is a crucial variable used for prioritisation of bridge needs in bridge management systems (BMSs). At present, bridge rating is predominantly based on visual inspections. A practical method incorpor...
Evaluation of inspection data based on multiple NDT techniques for a bridge network
Akgül, Ferhat (null; 2019-10-27)
Bridge Management in Turkey: A BMS Design with Customized Functionalities
Akgül, Ferhat (2019-01-01)
Time-variant reliability analysis incorporating multiple deterioration and live load models
Berenji, V. G.; Akgül, Ferhat (2016-10-20)
Bridge elements deteriorate with time due to exposure to different environmental attacks, distress mechanisms and live loads effects. In order to optimize the time-variant life-cycle costs or to obtain realistic time-varia...
A Correlation Study for Concrete Resistance vs. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity for a Group of Reinforced Concrete Bridges
Akgül, Ferhat (null; 2016-09-23)
Bridge management in Turkey: a BMS design with customised functionalities
Akgül, Ferhat (2016-05-03)
The overall design and customised functionalities of a bridge management system (BMS), developed in Turkey in 2009-2013 period (the so-called KYS), are presented. The novel design features are explained. Development of the...
Condition assessment based on visual inspection and nondestructive evaluation of highway bridges in Turkey
Akgül, Ferhat (null; 2014-08-27)
Development of a bridge management system incorporating a newly developed model for element condition evaluation based on damage effects
Akgül, Ferhat (2013-12-01)
This article presents a comprehensive research project undertaken for the development of a bridge management system (BMS) for the General Directorate of Highways in Turkey, establishment of a prototype inspection program a...
A pilot study for inspection, damage assessment and management of bridges in Turkey
Akgül, Ferhat (null; 2013-09-11)
Bridges are one of the most vulnerable elements in the road network and one of the most expensive when a repair or replacement action becomes necessary. Maintenance, repair and replacement actions for bridges become necess...
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