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Seçkin Öztürk

Central Laboratory
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New Mixed Conductivity Mechanisms in the Cold Plasma Device Based on Silver-Modified Zeolite Microporous Electronic Materials
Koc, Sevgul Ozturk; Galioglu, Sezin; Öztürk, Seçkin; Akata Kurç, Burcu; Koc, Emrah; SALAMOV, BAHTİYAR (2018-05-01)
We have analyzed the interaction between microdischarge and microporous zeolite electronic materials modified by silver (Ag-0) nanoparticles (resistivity similar to 10(11) to 10(6) Omega cm) on the atmospheric pressure col...
A novel urea conductometric biosensor based on zeolite immobilized urease
Kirdeciler, Salih Kaan; Soy, Esin; Öztürk, Seçkin; Kucherenko, Ivan; Soldatkin, Oleksandr; Dzyadevych, Sergei; Akata Kurç, Burcu (2011-09-15)
A new approach was developed for urea determination where a thin film of silicalite and zeolite Beta deposited onto gold electrodes of a conductometric biosensor was used to immobilize the enzyme. Biosensor responses, oper...
Oriented assembly and nanofabrication of zeolite A monolayers
Öztürk, Seçkin; Akata Kurç, Burcu (2009-12-01)
A facile and efficient method in order to assemble zeolites for the purpose of generating zeolite nano-micropatterns on the Si wafer was investigated by using e-beam lithography. A monolayer of organized. fully covered and...