The Ertokuş Cravansarai in Eğridir (Text).

Özbek, Ömer Faruk


The Çakır Tahir Ağa building in Birgi.
Numanoğlu, Şevki; Department of Architecture (1974)
The Masonry Techniques of a Historical Bridge in Hypokremnos (İçmeler)
Uygun Gençer, Funda; Hamamcıoğlu Turan, Mine (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2017-6-15)
This study focuses on characteristics of a historical bridge in Icmeler, Urla, Izmir. Urla, a historical settlement on the west of Izmir, has been part of a commercial network between Karaburun, Cesme and Anatolia throughout history. The aim is to understand the construction technique and material usage in Hypokremnos Bridge and identify a possible sequence of the original construction. The linear bridge was constructed by using masonry technique. It has three openings with various sizes and supported with ...
The Hierarchical structure among female prisoners: the case of karılar koğuşu by Kemal Tahir
Turgut Ecevit, Aylin; Topal, Çağatay; Department of Social Anthropology (2014)
This thesis tries to put forward the underlying factors of the hierarchical position of woman prisoners within the novel of Karılar Koğuşu written by Kemal Tahir through his lived experiences in Malatya Prison during the first half of 1940s. This study is based on literary critical analysis of the book by means of reflexive, interpretive, standpoint approaches of postmodern anthropology, and literary criticism of literary anthropology. In order to reveal the factors that affect the hierarchical structure am...
The mosque of Çelebi Bin Ali Bey.
Shemdin, Gouhar; Department of Restoration (1969)
The Spider of an olive grove and associated shrublands in Muğla, Milas, Kıyıkışlacık with notes on their diversity and composition
Elverici, Mert; Kence, Aykut; Department of Biology (2012)
In the period from May 2010 to August 2011, spider fauna of semi natural olive groves and associated shrub-lands were sampled in Muğla Province, Milas District, Kıyıkışlacık Village at the Western Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Semiquantitative sampling protocols were performed by use of pitfall traps, sweep nets, by active collecting, by sifting of tree litter and beating branches of shrubs. A total of 9967 spider specimens were obtained, from these, 3034 adult specimens were determined up to the lowest ta...
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Ö. F. Özbek, “The Ertokuş Cravansarai in Eğridir (Text).,” Middle East Technical University, 1972.