The concept of privacy and student dormitories: reference to the METU dormitories.

Inayatullah, Clifford


The concept of molecular similarity and the angle of total Pi-electron energy
Türker, Burhan Lemi (1996-01-01)
The concept of molecular similarity is developed and a novel similarity index based on the cosine of the angle of total II-electron energy is proposed to interrelate structural variations to operant properties of molecules isoconjugate with alternant hydrocarbons.
The Notion of Becoming in Mass-Housic Complexes; The Case of Mortafa Housing, Mashhad, Iran
Talebian, Nima; Özmen, Beril (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2019-12-31)
Places are not frozen in time, both mass-housing complexes and their urban contexts are in the state of constant becoming, they begin to change from the very moment they are completed. These changes happen gradually, due to various forces, and at different levels. Based on the Deleuzian ontology of, becoming-in-the-world, the theory of place as assemblage, explores a dynamic conception of place, which is in the state of constant becoming. Place is therefore considered as a three-folded assemblage, which is ...
The theory of economic load dispatching and its application to the Turkish interconnected system.
Hamdan, Anan; Department of Electrical Engineering (1966)
The Concept of gratitude and its relationship with posttraumatic growth: roles of early maladaptive schemata and schema coping styles, locus of control and responsibility
Topçu, Merve; Gençöz, Faruk; Department of Psychology (2016)
Individuals experience diverse life events throughout life. It is known that events attributed both as good and bad yield stress. However since individuals manifest a tendency to self-actualize, in the face of stress they have a room for psychological growth as well. It was suggested that individuals who had gone through adverse life events are able to find a way to transition which alters “a stumbling block” to “a building block”. In the transition, it was suggested that feeling of gratitude and schema ope...
The Role of Definitions on Classification of Solids Inclusing (non)prototype examples: The case of cylinder and prism
Işıksal Bostan, Mine (2017-02-05)
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C. Inayatullah, “ The concept of privacy and student dormitories: reference to the METU dormitories.,” Middle East Technical University, 1979.