On locally recurrent functions.

Cengiz, Bahattin


On non-Archimedean Banach algebras.
Haifawi, Mahmoud M; Ikeda, Masatoshı; Department of Mathematics (1970)
On twisted sums of sequence spaces.
Al-Nsoure, Ziyad; Department of Mathematics (1985)
On radial and quasi-radial Fourier Multipliers
Ünsalan, Billur; Erkip, Albert; Department of Mathematics (1988)
On Linear Complementary Pairs of Codes
CARLET, Claude; Guneri, Cem; Özbudak, Ferruh; Ozkaya, Buket; SOLE, Patrick (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018-10-01)
We study linear complementary pairs (LCP) of codes (C, D), where both codes belong to the same algebraic code family. We especially investigate constacyclic and quasicyclic LCP of codes. We obtain characterizations for LCP of constacyclic codes and LCP of quasi-cyclic codes. Our result for the constacyclic complementary pairs extends the characterization of linear complementary dual (LCD) cyclic codes given by Yang and Massey. We observe that when C and I) are complementary and constacyclic, the codes C and...
On abelian group actions with TNI-centralizers
Ercan, Gülin (2019-07-03)
A subgroup H of a group G is said to be a TNI-subgroup if for any Let A be an abelian group acting coprimely on the finite group G by automorphisms in such a way that for all is a solvable TNI-subgroup of G. We prove that G is a solvable group with Fitting length h(G) is at most . In particular whenever is nonnormal. Here, h(G) is the Fitting length of G and is the number of primes dividing A counted with multiplicities.
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B. Cengiz, “On locally recurrent functions.,” Middle East Technical University, 1965.