Determination of optimal food purchasing contracts in a large supply system.

Gökgöz, Ali


Determination of network delay distribution over the internet
Karakaş, Mehmet; Ergül, Faruk Rüyal; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2003)
The rapid growth of the Internet and the proliferation of its new applications pose a serious challenge in network performance management and monitoring. The current Internet has no mechanism for providing feedback on network congestion to the end-systems at the IP layer. For applications and their end hosts, end-to-end measurements may be the only way of measuring network performance. Understanding the packet delay and loss behavior of the Internet is important for proper design of network algorithms such ...
Determination of economic spillway design head and cost equations from regression analysis for small dams.
Akbas, Huseyin; Department of Civil Engineering (1987)
Determination of risk of failure in EHV systems.
Şener, Şerif; Department of Electrical Engineering (1978)
Determination of out-of-step blockibg conditions in high voltage networks.
Atabay, Tarhan M H; Department of Electrical Engineering (1973)
Determination of the change in building capacity during earthquakes
Çevik, Deniz; Yakut, Ahmet; Department of Civil Engineering (2006)
There is a great amount of building stock built in earthquake regions where earthquakes frequently occur. It is very probable that such buildings experience earthquakes more than once throughout their economic life. The motivation of this thesis arose from the lack of procedures to determine the change in building capacity as a result of prior earthquake damage. This study focuses on establishing a method that can be employed to determine the loss in the building capacity after experiencing an earthquake. I...
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A. Gökgöz, “Determination of optimal food purchasing contracts in a large supply system.,” Middle East Technical University, 1972.