Al/Sb Free InGaAs Unipolar Barrier Infrared Detectors

Uzgur, Fatih
Karaca, Utku
Kizilkan, Ekin
Kocaman, Serdar
It is numerically shown that Al/Sb free InGaAs unipolar barrier detectors with superior performance compared to the conventional heterojunction detectors can be constructed. Compositionally graded layers provide the transition between the high bandgap InGaAs barrier and the lattice matched InGaAs absorber layers. In addition, the delta doped layers remove the valence band offset in order to block only majority carriers and allow unimpeded flow of minority carriers. More than one order of magnitude reduction in the dark current is observed while photocurrent remains nearly unchanged. Proposed barrier structure utilized in this study is not limited to short wave infrared (SWIR) and can be applied to a variety of materials operating in various infrared regions.
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F. Uzgur, U. Karaca, E. Kizilkan, and S. Kocaman, “Al/Sb Free InGaAs Unipolar Barrier Infrared Detectors,” 2017, vol. 10177, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: