Trapping center parameters in TlInSSe layered single crystals bit thermally stimulated currents measurements

Thermally stimulated current measurements have been carried out on TlInSSe layered single crystals in the temperature range of 10-180 K at a constant heating rate 0.8 K s(-1) The electronic traps distributions have been analyzed by the different light illumination temperature technique (T-0.1 = 30, 40, 45, 50, 52, 55 and 57 K). It was revealed that the obtained traps distribution can be described as an exponential distribution. The variation of one order of magnitude in the trap density for every 41 meV was estimated. Moreover. the mean activation energy, attempt-to-escape frequency. capture cross-section and concentration of the traps were determined. (C) 2009 Elsevier B V All rights reserved.


Trapping center parameters in In6S7 crystals
IŞIK, MEHMET; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2011-07-01)
Thermally stimulated current measurements were carried out on In6S7 single crystals in the temperature range of 10-225 K with a constant heating rate of 0.8 K/s. The study of trapping centers was accomplished by the measurements of current flowing along the c-axis of crystals. The analysis of the glow curve according to various methods, such as curve fitting, initial rise and peak shape methods, gives results in good agreement with each other and revealed two trapping centers in In6S7 with activation energi...
Determination of trapping center parameters in Tl2In2S3Se layered single crystals by thermally stimulated current measurements
Güler, Işıkhan; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2009-07-01)
As-grown Tl2In2S3Se layered single crystals were studied by thermally stimulated current measurements in the temperature range of 10-170K with different heating rates. Experimental data were analyzed according to various methods such as curve fitting and initial rise. The analysis of thermally stimulated current spectra registered at light excitation temperature T-0 = 10K revealed the trap level located at 30 meV. Attempt-to-escape frequency, concentration and capture cross section of the traps were determi...
Trapping center parameters of TlGaSe2 layered crystals
Yuksek, NS; Kavas, H; Hasanlı, Nızamı; Ozkan, H (Elsevier BV, 2004-02-15)
Thermally stimulated current measurements are carried out on as-grown TlGaSe2 layered single crystals in the temperature range of 90-220 K with various heating rates. Experimental evidence is found for the presence of two trapping centers with activation energy 98 and 130 meV. The retrapping process is negligible for these levels, as confirmed by good agreement between the experimental results and theoretical predictions of the model that assumes slow retrapping. The calculation yielded 2.3 x 10(-24) and 1....
Defect characterization in neodymium doped thallium indium disulfide crystals by thermoluminescence measurements
Delice, S.; Hasanlı, Nızamı (2016-10-15)
Characteristics of defect centers in neodymium doped TlInS2 single crystals have been investigated in virtue of thermoluminescence measurements carried out at low temperatures (10-300 K) with various heating rates between 0.4 and 1.2 K s(-1). One glow peak was detected with peak maximum temperature of 26 K at a rate of 0.4 K s(-1). The observed glow peak was analyzed using three points and heating rate methods. The analysis results revealed the presence of one trap level with activation energy of 14 meV. Th...
Defect characterization of cTl(4)GaIn(3)Se(2)S(6) layered single crystals by photoluminescence
Hasanlı, Nızamı (2015-10-01)
Photoluminescence (PL) spectra of Tl4GaIn3Se2S6 layered crystals grown by the Bridgman method have been studied in the energy region of 2.02-2.35 eV and in the temperature range of 16-45 K. A broad PL band centered at 2.20 eV was observed at T = 16 K. Variations of emission band has been studied as a function of excitation laser intensity in the 0.1 to 149.9 mW cm(-2) range. Radiative transitions from shallow donor level located at 10 meV below the bottom of conduction band to moderately deep acceptor level...
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