Islamic State: Rewriting History

Dietrich, Richard
This is a review of the book Islamic State: Rewriting History by Michael Griffin. It provides a chronological account of the organization’s emergence and the role that external global actors had on its development. In addition it examines ISIS’ use of media and the possible effects of its expansion on regional relations.
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Syrian Armenians during the last decades of the nineteenth and the first quarter of the twentieth centuries
Memiş (Eroğlu), Şerife; Turan, Ömer; Department of Middle East Studies (2007)
This thesis analyses the situation of the Syrian Armenians during the last decades of the nineteenth and the first quarter of the twentieth centuries. The central position of the Provinces of Aleppo and Damascus, parts of today’s Syria, for both the Armenian communities of Aleppo and Damascus and the Ottoman Empire are the main incentives that determine the focus of this study as Syrian Armenians. Apart from the representation of the social, economic, political, religious, cultural and educational life of t...
Syrian foreign policy towards Israel
Tonkuş, Selen; Tür Küçükkaya, Özlem; Department of International Relations (2013)
In this thesis, Syrian foreign policy towards Israel between 1946 and March 2011 is analyzed. In this context the main aim of the thesis is to find out an answer to the question of how the domestic, regional and international factors play role in shaping in Syrian foreign policy towards Israel. Accordingly, the study consists of three parts. In the first part of the study, a historical background of Syrian foreign policy of Israel is provided since the late Ottoman legacy until the establishment of the Arab...
The question of the West in the ideology of revivalism : perspectives from Mawlana Abu’l- a‘la Mawdudi, Sayyid Qutb and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini
Aras, Esra; Dağı, İhsan Duran; Department of Industrial Engineering (2008)
This thesis surveys the response of the ideology of 20th century Islamic revival to the West and the Western-inspired regimes at home. Based on J.S. Mill’s “method of difference, it compares the ideological perspectives of the prominent figures of Islamic revival: Mawlana Abu’l-A‘la Mawdudi in Indio-Pakistan, Sayyid Qutb in Egypt and Ruhollah Khomeini in Iran. In this context, it analyzes the appraisal of Islam as a total way of life in order to refute the Western tradition and refuse its interference into ...
External interventions and civil wars: the case of Lebanon (1975-1990).
Sunay, Selçuk; Boztemur, Recep; Department of Middle East Studies (2020)
This thesis analyzes the impact of Syria, Israel and Iran to the Lebanese Civil War in the years of 1975-1990 and investigates the civil war based on foreign intervention point of view. It considers the developments from regional perspective and argues that although the Civil War emerged due to political and social structure of Lebanon, it became more complicated and chaotic as a result of the intervention of the regional countries for more power in the region. These countries realized Lebanon as strategic ...
Ileri, Kasim; Bahçecik, Şerif Onur; Department of International Relations (2021-8-13)
This study is on a qualitative analysis of Barack Obama’s discourse of counterterrorism strategy. With a theoretical subscription to Michel Foucault’s approach to discourse it tries to make an understanding of how Barack Obama reorganized the American counter-terrorism discourse as well as norms of security within American society. By taking key speeches by Obama on national security throughout his presidency (2009-2017) and executive orders as well as memoranda produced under his administration, this study...
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