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Aluminum Induced Glass Texturing (AIT) on Soda-Lime, Borosilicate, Alkali-Free and Silica Glass For Thin Film Solar Cell Applications

Ünal, Mustafa
Günöven, Mete
Tankut, Aydın
Sökmen, İlkay
Turan, Raşit
Texturing of glass substrate is an alternative novel method for light trapping, which to enhance the absorbed light by way of increasing the diffused transmittance (haze) so that the amount of absorbed light will be increased instead of texturing transparent conductive oxide (TCO). In this study, aluminum induced texturing (AIT) technique is used to texture different type of glasses to see the effect of the chemical composition on surface morphology and optical properties. Improvement in haze values as well as total transmission were obtained in all cases subsequent to texturing. High haze values are obtained by additionally enhancement in total transmission. Surface morphological characterization showed that the composition of glass have direct effect on the textured profile. We speculate that the components of glass other than SiO2 is affecting the density of reaction starting point densities initiation cites on the glass-Al interface.